My name's Bailey. I like Bands, Feminism, cute boys and stuff
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I used some of my favorite pics to make this


Why is body hair only unhygienic when its on a woman’s body?

Track: I Hate Danger
Artist: Bikini Kill
Album: The Singles


Bikini Kill, I Hate Danger

Your whole thing put me in negative space for way too fucking long
The only thing I managed to say during that time was
I hate danger
What I really should have said was
You’re so not dangerous
You’re so not what you say you are at all


why is this so hard for people to understand


Kathleen Hanna, Olympia, WA, 1993, by Alice Wheeler


If you don’t know every single second of this song like the back of your hand then get out of my life


Track: Banned In D.C.
Artist: Bad Brains
Album: Bad Brains


Banned in D.C. by Bad Brains